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Applying China Visa in Hong Kong

Forever Bright Trading Ltd, established in 2000, has handled hundreds of thousands of foreign customers’ application on various types of China visas. You can get your visa on the same day, in 2 days or 4 days according to different service. Efficient, convenient, professional, and friendly are the core values of our company. We are definitely your first choice to apply China visa in Hong Kong!


22-04-2016: Same day service for single entry visa of 30 days now available to customers holding FRA or US passport, please contact us for details.
17-03-2016: Fee updates for Work Visa (Z) and Study Visa (X), effective from 21 March 2016, please refer to the service page for details.
01-01-2016: Please note that there will be surcharge for US and Canada passport holders due to government policies. Contact us for details.
01-06-2015: Updated office hour: Now we open also on saturday 8:30am - 1:30pm. Enjoy the fast and convenient visa application only at FBT!
25-03-2015: Download the discount coupon for 2016!
09-03-2015: Good news for Canadian passport holder. You may now apply for 9 years multi-entry visa with each stay up to 60 days. Contact us for details!
17-11-2014: Good news for American passport holder. You may apply 10 years multi entry visa for each entry to stay 60 days. Contact us for details!
21-08-2014: Good news! Discount period extended to 31 Dec 2014! You may enjoy a HK$120 CASH DISCOUNT for individual tourist visa (L) by DOWNLOAD THE COUPON from our website.

21-08-2014: Applicants of Business Visa(M), Private Visit Visa(S2) and Group Visa may enjoy a HK$50 CASH DISCOUNT from 1 Sept 2014 to 31 Dec 2014 by DOWNLOAD THE COUPON from our website!

01-05-2014: We would like to offer summer promotion from May 1st to August 31st. You may enjoy a HK$120 CASH DISCOUNT for tourist visa (L) by DOWNLOAD THE COUPON from our website. Enjoy your summer holiday with your family.

14-04-2014: Passport holders of most countries can get 1 month business(M) and private visit (S2) visa within the SAME day of application. Please contact us for conditions and procedures of application. Group visa is not open for application at this moment.

22-03-2014: Foreigners married with Chinese can now apply for one year multiple entry visa staying 90 or 180 days. Please contact us for further information.

14-03-2014: Overseas Chinese can apply for one-year multiple entry visa for staying 90 or 180 days to visit immediate Chinese family members in China. Please contact us for details.

13-03-2014: Passport holders of 16 European countries may now get the Business Visa (1 month) within the same day of application. Please contact us in advance.

22-02-2014: Same day service: Please arrive at our office before 10:00 am, you’ll be able to collect your visa at around 6:30 pm. Please contact us for Appointment.

17-02-2014: Happy Chinese New Year! We would like to extend to you a heartfelt thanks for your continuous support by offering Spring Promotion from February 18th to March 31st. You may enjoy a HK$100 CASH DISCOUNT for specific types of visa by DOWNLOAD THE COUPON from our website. For more details, please contact us by email.

Please stay tuned to our website for more upcoming promotional events!

27-01-2014: Website Updated.

01-07-2013: The visa policy has been changed. If you need a longer staying in china, please contact us.